Farewell Class of 2018

NWe wish the graduating class of 2018 a very bright future. We want to acknowledge this awesome group of young people and bid them all the best as they say goodbye to primary school and look forward to the adventures they will have at secondary school.

It has been a great year. Loyal friendships have been nurtured, challenges have been met and much growing has happened. We have all laughed and cried and laughed some more.

An Excursion to the Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria market was abuzz with shoppers and tourists alike this steamy Melbourne day. What a magnificent experience it provided for us as we studied what makes this Melbourne icon a great place to visit.

Surveying the shoppers revealed that locals love the range and quality of the fresh food that is available, whilst tourists came for the atmosphere. A Texan couple pronounced the markets lived up to their expectations.

Some survey questions enquired about shopper motivations, others focused on favourite stalls. We enjoyed talking to the people and finding out what they thought. We asked:

Did the markets meet shoppers’ needs?

Were shoppers happy with the idea that the markets would be developed into a shopping centre and apartments?

Did they want other stalls offering other goods or services?

It is fair to say a day at the markets provided a great day out. We used our purchasing power to buy our lunches and snacks and saw the range of persuasive techniques used by retailers. Our favourite technique was definitely the free food samples.

The chance to be a part of the markets vibe was enjoyed by us all. We declare The Queen Victoria Markets help to make Melbourne a great city to visit.

Our School Values


Respect means we need to treat others as we would like them to treat us. This includes whenever we work or play with other people. It also means all people, no matter how old they are, need to be respected.

We discussed what might happen when we don’t behave in a respectful way?

You will not have any friends and you will get in trouble.     Furkan

There are fights and other big problems that follow us into our classroom. Then, we are distracted from our learning.   Eshaq

We should always speak kindly to each other and we should put ourselves in other people’s shoes. If we all remember the golden rule then we can all be happy at school because there is true respect. Rosie

When there’s no respect the problem escalates, their behaviour changes and creates bigger problems and can involve the principals. Mary

When we have problems outside and we don’t tell our teachers, the problems get bigger and then it escalates. Maribelle

Ethics and decision making

When is it okay to dob? Should lollies be banned? Was Robin Hood right? These are the questions the 5/6 grades have been grappling with in a series of afternoons listening to the ABC podcast Short and Curly.

As part of the RRRR program, students are exploring the kinds of dilemmas that they face from time to time. They are exploring different ideas and opinions they have, debating the pros and cons with their friends, listening carefully to the facts and then making a decision.

This week we decided if lollies should be banned?

Esa: Lollies taste so good. Who would ban lollies?

Sadeq: We should not ban lollies because it tastes good. When you want to be cheered up just eat a lolly.

Yas: I think we should not ban lollies because if we ban lollies then we should ban all things with sugar like soft drinks.

Arwah: I don’t think we should ban lollies because if we ban lollies then maybe kids would be protesting in the streets.

Tyrone: Even if we ban lollies, kids still have too much sugar in their lunchboxes so what’s the point of banning lollies.

What do you think? Should lollies be banned?

Stepping back in time at Sovereign Hill


Sovereign Hill Reflections

Belle: I liked the part where the gold was poured by the industrial blacksmith because you could see the shine of the gold in the dark room.





Summer: I loved the part when the soldiers marched through the main street and then shot their rifles. BANG! BOOM!

On the main street we found the lolly shop. The lollies were called boiled sweets.




The One Eye Gully mine site where we had to mine for gold in our teams to buy our miner’s licences. It was a tough life for the miners because many of them were not lucky and did not strike gold.



Any miner’s caught without a valid licence by the officers were immediately sent to gaol. They could only leave if a friend paid their fines and bought them a licence. The officers were not honest and they would steal from the miners if they could. 


Rosie: I liked it when Yasmien and I were the bankers at the One Eyed Gully gold mine shafts because we robbed the miners of their earnings by not giving them the right amount of shillings and pounds. We kept a lot of profits.

Tyra: I felt like I was in a miner’s shoes when we were in Red Hill Mine because we got to see what happened when they found gold and struck it rich.


Sadeq: When we were walking through the tunnel a miner named William told us there was trouble ahead and a water leak poured water near us. Some people thought the mine would fill with water and we would drown.


Nesibe: I liked it when we walked in the tunnel because Summer was scared of the dark tunnel.


Atilla: I liked the bit where we were in the smelting area. I felt like we were back in the 1800s and we were miners and were giving our gold to the blacksmith and banking our pounds and shillings.



O’Neel and Johnson: Our favourite part was when we saw Buttercup, Apple Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Sausage Cup (the horses) which were pulling the coach of Cobb and Co.



Tyrone: My favourite part about Sovereign Hill was when we went into the smelting workshop. Sir pranked us that the purified gold was extremely hot when he touched it and screamed from the pain but the gold bullion was actually cold because he had put it in the trough of cold water and it had cooled down.

We ask 5/6 C – What has been your favourite part of Term 1?

      5/6 C reflected on their favourite events this term. We loved camp! Playing in the Gaga pit, cooking, going on the giant swing and rock climbing were all amazing. What was your favourite part of the term?

I like the camp because I got to go in the Ga Ga pit.  Summer

My favorite part of term 1 was the GaGa pit at doxa camp. By Tyrone

The best part of term one was camp. I really liked when we played basketball with Mr Wilson and Monty. By O’Neel

My favourite part of term one is when we did maths with the unit, it was a great experience. By Senula

I loved the giant swing! My heart was beating so quickly, I haven’t been that scared in a long time! Mrs Katsonis

My favourite part of term 1 is at camp when we played GaGa. By Johnson

The camp because we play together on the giant swing and we have fun. Christian

My favourite part of term 1 is when we went to camp. At camp I liked the gaga pit and the sports hall. By Eshaq

My favourite part of camp was when we get to eat some delicious food and try new food we have never tried before. By Atilla

My favourite part of Term 1 has been interschool sports and volleyball because we vs other schools and we fun and enjoyed it. By Yousif

My favourite part of term 1 was at camp when we played in the GaGa pit. By Mary

My favourite thing about term 1 is when we went to camp. It was so much fun when we played in the GaGa pit and when we did the giant swing. *By Tyra*

My favourite part of term 1 was camp when we did the GaGa pita. By Rosie

My favourite part of Term 1 was playing Golden Child with my classroom. By Esa.

My favorite part about term 1 was camp because of the giant swing. Belle.

My favourite part of the term term was school sports because I like to play with other schools. Furkan.

My favourite part of Term 1 was participating in Inter School sports. By Sadeq

My favourite part of term 1 was camp. I loved the GaGa pita. By Yas

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